Port of Tauranga is New Zealand Aotearoa’s largest and most vital Port. Whilst working with the long-standing industry leader to develop an evolved brand, we were able to nod to the original legacy design as well as tell the story of concentric circles; all whilst celebrating their unique location.

The geometric imagery pairs with our colours to distinctively and recognisably express Tauranga’s unique geography. The semi-circles evoke the silhouette of Mauao, the curve of the harbour, the crescent of the rising sun, and the land as it meets the sea.

The use of circles celebrates the Port’s place at the centre of the community, a hub of activity. The curves can symbolise connection and a point-to-point journey, ending in a safe anchorage. The concentric circles express movement, the rippling effect o a ship’s bow as it glides through the water and the Port as a focal point, the place where we take New Zealand to the world and welcome the world to New Zealand.